Tips when visiting a home for rent

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Published: 05th June 2013
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When looking for rental housing, once made a selection of houses you can fit it's time to go a step further and go to visit the various properties. in this chapter in our holiday guide tricks you have to follow to get the most out of the visit in your home search, such as going with paper and pencil to record the different details of each house or look out not only in housing but also in neighboring
When you search for a rental, you will find different floors that you might find interesting. After establishing priorities to follow in your quest stay only floors that you like and fit you for features and price. Then if you still do not have clear, may be useful first visit to the area where the house is located. Check the front, the state of the common areas and even talk with a neighbor: get used to the idea that they live there and whether you would be nice and comfortable on the day. Detects transport, supermarkets nearby, everything you think you'll need in your routine
Also check the area in detail: the environment you like, so you searched floor there, but check that fits your idea of it. Verifies that the reasons why you've chosen to meet your expectations and that there others who have the opposite influence and discard you can do, such as noise, traffic or a thousand other things
Once the number of homes candidates has been reduced to a sufficient number, it's time to call the advertiser, make an appointment to visit the floor and get ready to go to her. They are small clues to get the most out of the visit in search of an apartment to rent:

- Comes with pencil and paper: draw a plan of the premises so you can remember it later. write down everything you like and do not like about each floor, their views, insights and details that you had to remember everything later: if it is bright, fresh and modern. Also verifies that meets all the requirements you had targeted on your list. Take notes that will be helpful later when thinking about all the houses that have been

- Once inside housing distribution checks, views and even the decoration you like, because once you cannot then rented edited without the owner's permission. open all faucets to time, put the heater, questions about appliances or furniture that will stay on the floor, turn the radiators, look out the window, check the orientation and if the bathroom is vented. Hear the noise coming from the surrounding houses or street ultimately check if it fits what you need and the idea you had in the house when you picked as one of your favorites!

After this first visit, collects all the information of the houses you've seen and analyze what you liked about each of them. You probably go for your favorite time to visit it again, but this time, with much more detail. Check the status of housing equipment, if broken tiles in the kitchen or bathrooms, flooring in poor condition or any apparent moisture. is important to recognize any item in poor condition before signing the contract so you will not have suspected any of that breakage has occurred once you are the tenant. Make a list of all the 'damage' or elements that are not in perfect condition to be attached to the contract. This will avoid any conflict tomorrow with the home when you decide to leave the house

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